Who or what is Widget Dave?

A Chronicle of the Genesis of Widget Dave

6 Feb, 2015

Dave Weston open a WordPress account and publishes his first article (www.thistroublesme.wordpress.com).

8 Feb, 2015

Dave Weston enrolls in the online course Blogging 101: Zero to Hero and starts writing notes from his assignments as posts on his own blog (https://thistroublesme.wordpress.com/category/blogging-101/)

11 Feb, 2015

Dave Weston realised his notes on how to make the best of WordPress would be useful to other bloggers and began to refine his notes accordingly.

18 Feb, 2015

To seperate his own work on politics, religion, culture and sport, from the articles on WordPress, David Weston creates an alter ego by the name of Widget Dave, and published all of his posts under the category, “Widget Dave”.

23 Feb, 2015

“Widget Dave”, published an article that received critical acclaim entitled, “WordPress: Home Page Organisation”, and followed this up the next day with his seminal work, “Blogging 101: Plug into a Social Network”/

4 Mar, 2015

In recognition of his work Widget Dave was awarded with his own About Widget Dave page on the This Troubles Me blog.

With Widget Dave acquiring his own personality it seemed that Dave Weston, was losing his. And on his blog published An interview with Widget Dave, where he interviewed himself!

10 Mar, 2015

Widget Dave gets his own Blog (widgetdave.wordpress.com) and hopes that Dave Weston can regain his sanity.



Published by

Dave Weston

I forsook science, journalism and the circus to become a software developer, blogger, fading tennis player and improving curmudgeon. No regrets, but I sometimes miss my unicycle.

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